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About BoraPay

The goal is to have a unified payment- and marketing-platform for the entire island. At check-in or at our loading station in D’Mall, tourists will be given a bracelet and flyer to easily understand the concept. They then load it through the mobile app after registering, so we are able to gather demographics like age, nationality, income-bracket, which can be used for targeted marketing. Participating establishments will receive our custom POS-readers to process transactions. With the environment in mind, we designed the device to be fully functional in offline-situations as well.

How It Works

We paid attention to simplifying the transactions and came up with a 4-step-process:

In order to accept payments:

  • Enter the sales-amount into the POS
  • Hand the device to the customer to add optional tip
  • Link payment-account with a touch of the bracelet
  • Customers confirm with entering 4-digit PIN
  • Conveniently check and print all transactions real-time on our website to simplify accounting. We are able to remit proceeds to any bank worldwide within hours.

How Customers Find Us

We provide an up-to-date map in our application where establishments are marked with “pins”. With a click on the pin, restaurants can show an overview of their menu for example.

Our application also features a search-function where tourists can look for special cuisine or activities. Lastly every participating establishment is clearly marked by our “BoraPay Accepted” sticker which is placed near the entrance.


  • Faster transactions: no counting and running around with cash and change
  • No loss of cash
  • System works on- and offline
  • We can pay out proceeds to any bank worldwide
  • Modernization of your establishment
  • Higher volume because digital payment: studies have shown that people spend up to 100% more when using “non-cash”
  • Marketing platform: you can send out Promos in real-time to customer’s phone!


Should you be interested in joining the daily-growing BoraPay network, please message us directly under