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BoraPay Cashless Payment Solution

BoraPay is the first ever cashless payment-system on Boracay Island that gives you the freedom to pay for services or restaurants faster, safer and hassle free. All you have to do is wear our elastic and waterproof E-bracelet (with integrated chip) and tell your waiter, receptionist or activity-provider that you use BoraPay when asking for the bill.

Where Can You Get It ?

Ask for a BoraPay bracelet at hotel check-in or visit the TechBiz-Store, which is conveniently located directly behind budget mart.

It's Easy

Download our mobile-app to your phone or tablet and set up your account in under a minute. Each bracelet and card has an 8-digit unique ID printed on the back which links the device to your account.
You can then load any amount you want and can forget about carrying cash and wasting unnecessary time looking for an ATM or money changer. Every transaction will be emailed to your registered account so you can keep track of your expenses. If you brought cash with you, please visit our loading station at TechBiz-Store (behind Budget Mart) and they will load your bracelet with any currency.

It's Secure

  • We use the strongest encryption available today to secure data stored on bracelets as well as all payment gateways.
  • We are bound by the highest banking standards to ensure data-safety and integrity.
  • Data is stored on various servers around the world to protect against online fraud. It is virtually impossible to destabilize our secured closed-loop network.

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It's More!

    • No more carrying cash and being afraid to drop or lose it
    • No more waiting for change at restaurants
    • Safer (no theft possible)
    • App has a useful Boracay-guide to spend your time efficiently
    • Save money when using promos sent directly to you by bars & restaurants
    • No “leftover” foreign cash at the end of your trip
  • Want To Load Money ?

    • Through our mobile app : All you need is a debit or credit-card or PayPal
    • Cash at our loading station, which is located conveniently behind budget-mart

    Simply visit the store and ask to load your BoraPay bracelet and a representative will assist you.

    We accept USD, EURO, PHP, RMB and KRW at the current inter-bank exchange rate.

    Refund Money ?

    Did you ever have foreign currency left over after your vacation and don’t know what to do? This problem is solved with the press of a button. Simple click “RETURN CARD” and choose between two options:

    1. KEEP BRACELET: Take the bracelet home as a souvenir or use it next time you come. We simply refund your unused amount the same way you loaded it.

    2. RETURN BRACELET: Click this button and return the bracelet to your receptionist or at TechBiz. The agent will confirm by scanning your bracelet one last time. We will refund your balance including the security deposit the same way you loaded it.

    Where Is It Accepted?

    The mobile-app features a map of Boracay where all participating establishments are marked or simply use the search function to find a restaurant, activity that accepts BoraPay.

    Also look out for the sticker below! If the establishment has it, your bracelet is good-to-pay!


    Contact Us

    Should you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.

    • Address: Stall #38 D'Mall D Boracay, Malay, Aklan
    • Phone Globe: +63 915 1362400
    • Phone Smart: +63 928 8549111
    • Email: